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KIMMS  creates school and office equipment to achieve attractive and contemporary articles that address the specific interests of various audiences.

KIMMS  designs a broad range of stationery, from school diaries to gift products, writing materials and accessories.

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D.E.P.T Stationery Design >

KIMMS  created the 2009/2010 School Diary for D.E.P.T (fashion brand). KIMMS  took care of the Cover Design as well as the Inner pages.

This year's school agenda will come in striking green and grey tones, partly made in foil and with shaped edges for a feminine look.

(Girls 14-18)   Languages: NL / Editorial: NL

V&D 1 Cars-Agenda-1 Cars-Agenda-3 Cars-Agenda-2


V&D Stationery Design >

Total stationery collection for girls 2009/2010





CARS JEANS School Diary >

KIMMS  created the 2009/2010 School Diary for Cars (Jeans Label)

The 2009 school agenda has a jeans cover with stitches, a real label and fashionable print.

(Girls 12-16)  Languages: NL-EN / Editorial: NL